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Scout Krumcake Gilroy

This is Scout. She is my beautiful calico cat who has become such an important part of my life; where I go she goes. She is just like me, bold and brassy in every way; an energetic and loving companion who does not hold back. Most importantly, she is my ESA and I lean on her just as much as she leans on me. 

Our Story

I decided my sophomore year of college that I needed an animal, more specifically an ESA, to help me with my ADHD & OCD. I also wanted a companion that I could care for and love, so I started looking. Over the summer of 2020, I saw this beautiful calico kitten on the local shelters' Instagram and went to get her as soon as I could.


I named her Scout after To Kill A Mockingbird character Jean Louise "Scout" Finch. It is one of my favorite books and that name has always stuck with me. I got her when she was three months old and her birthday is, April 9th, 2020. She has grown into such a fireball: chasing her tail, giving people love, and walking on a leash. She is my favorite, and I love her with all my heart. She is such an integral part of my life and I hope you enjoy her as much as I do. 

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