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Maggie is available for private and group coaching in acting and musical theatre. She currently offers both zoom and in-person meetings through 30-60 minute sessions. She is available to teach students ages 12-18.


30 minutes - $30

45 minutes - $40

60 minutes - $50

Monologue & Performance

This program is the most moldable to your needs and wants as an actor. In these one-on-one sessions, Maggie creates an outline specific to where you are in your acting journey and what you want to work on: from memorization to finding the nuances in character performance. 



In these sessions, you will work on techniques you need to succeed as a dancer; creating sustainable ways of moving your body. With inspirations from jazz and ballet Maggie with work with you to develop technique, learn combinations, and feel confident in your abilities. 


Audition Prep

This program is designed to work on upcoming auditions, whether that be a show, conference, or college auditions. Work on your audition techniques and the material you want to bring into the audition room to create a audition package you feel confident in. 


Acting the Song

Bring your song to life with this session. In this program, we will dive deeper into your songs to find what the composer and lyricist are trying to convey and how you can enhance your storytelling and connect to the piece. 

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